• Pray for the two million Syrian Refugees in Lebanon. Ask the Lord to provide for their physical and spiritual needs. May He use this opportunity to draw many Syrians to Himself.
  • Pray for that the Syrian students in our school would experience the love of Christ and that not only their earthly lives would be improved by getting an education, but that their eternities would be impacted as well. 
  • As tensions rise in Lebanon, ask the Lord to embolden believers to share their faith. Pray that they would be wise and Spirit-led as they minister in tense times.
  • Pray that our Bible Study Groups would multiply. May people be changed as they study the Bible and have a growing desire to share the Gospel with others.
  • Ask the Lord to raise up believers among the ministry who will be discipled in order to lead out in ministry.
  • Pray for Lebanese as they learn how to share their faith with others around them. Pray they would be bold in their faith.


  • Bring a medical team to diagnose, treat, and distribute medicine to Syrian Refugees.
  • Bring a team of prayer warriors to pray with us and visit refugee families to pray and share the Good News with them.
  • Train teachers at the education centers.
  • Host seminars for Syrian families about hygiene or family issues.
  • Come and pray over Syrian Refugees and pray for Arab believers and ministry leaders.