We desire to see a new generation of Christ-following Syrians living out the teachings of Jesus with hopeful futures. Our educational center provides Syrian children with a basic education, as well as teaching Bible stories.  More than just teaching children, this center provides the opportunity to display to all Syrian families how valuable their children are to God.  This school year we have 120 students in kindergarten through fifth grade and have hired eleven Syrian teachers, who are also refugees, to assist in the center.  We provide all their needed school supplies and a basic meal 4 times a week.


We are reaching out to Lebanese as well through our after-school tutoring center. The Akkar of North Lebanon has the highest illiteracy and drop-out rates in all Lebanon, starting as early as fifth grade.  For the last two years, the ministry has offered after-school tutoring to Lebanese students in first through fifth grade five days a week. The students are also taught Bible lessons. This tutoring center has been used as a way for the ministry to give back to the community and meet Lebanese needs. There are currently 22 students enrolled in the tutoring center with 6 teachers. These Lebanese children are being shown the love of Christ as they are being tutored so that they can succeed in school and have better futures.