Our relief ministry helps Syrian Refugees and Lebanese in need. We distribute food portions, blankets & rugs provided by international partners like Baptist Global Response to thousands of Syrian refugees and Lebanese who are hosting Syrians in villages in North Lebanon and near the Lebanese Syrian border. We believe that as we serve Syrian families with love and respect, we model Biblical values and the serving heart of Jesus.  On each distribution visit we present the Gospel.  Since 2011, we have assisted and shared the Gospel with more than 35,000 Syrian refugees.



Once or twice a year, we host medical teams from America who provide a free health clinic for 4-5 days.  We see both Lebanese and Syrian patients.  We are able to distribute needed medicines to the patients but more importantly pray for each person, distribute Bibles, and follow-up with those interested in talking about spiritual things.  Through gifts of our partners we are able to provide women with hygiene kits for their families and teach classes about re-hydration solutions, personal hygiene, and dental hygiene.